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Special offers in hotel Le Voyage

We are always glad to see you  in our hotel Le Voyage : Samara, Krasnoarmeiskaya street, 117.

Special offers for students and school leavers who are going to enter the Universities in Samara region!

The price of hostel is only 350 rubles/per 24 hourday for a bed

Special offer “Romantic weekends”

Double luxury apartment including:

Early check-in and late check-out are taking place only in case of absence of booking this suite( you should ask it in advance)

We ask you to book suites on this offer ahead because this offer is available only in case of individual booking.

Weekend rate

The prolongation of the suite from Saturday till Sunday. The late checkout takes place at 15 o’clock instead of 15 o’clock.

Birthday rate

If you book Lux or Econom + suites for two 24 hourd:ays ,you get on your birthday champagne.

Further information about special offers you can get by the phone 8 (846) 972-00-96.